Below you will discover THREE resources I have designed ESPECIALLY FOR YOU to help you get your blood sugars under control TODAY!

You will NOT find these helpful resources 


Start out with this JUMPSTART E-BOOK!

  • SHOPPING LIST with safe foods to eat!
  • TWO WEEKS worth of SIMPLE sugar free, refined carb free recipes!
  • TIPS to MANAGE STRESS NATURALLY.... stress RAISES blood sugars!

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Read My BEST Tips all in one spot!

  • Collection of my MOST effective tips shared with clients over the years!
  • No need to wait or scroll through my old Social Media posts to find these tips.. They are all HERE!

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My THIRD resource is ACCESS to

over 100 recipes to get you through your pregnancy and BEYOND!

Women who are diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes have a higher risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes... So... even after your baby is born, you will need to continue to eat healthy.  This third resource is a great addition to my jumpstart E-book because it will give you enough recipes to carry you through the rest of your pregnancy  and afterwards!


for only $9.99 

  • Unlimited Access

    Log in as many times as you want to find recipes for every meal of the day and snacks.

  • FREE reports and downloads

    Wondering what causes sugar cravings?  Download a free report to find out.  Find out why greens are so important.. or how to eat mindfully..  This section has important information that will help you understand more about eating healthy and control blood sugars.

  • FAQ

    Read answers to many common questions women with Gestational Diabetes have.  I have researched answers from experts who are traditional physicians,  functional medical doctors, and naturopathic doctors.  And if you don’t find your answer, you can contact me directly and I will FIND THE ANSWER for you!

  • 100's of Simple, No Fuss Recipes

    The number one request I have is MORE RECIPES!  Well, you got it! Choose from even MORE simple recipes specially designed to make preparing healthy meals a breeze and require very little time. I am updating and ADDING recipes all the time so you won’t get BORED with the same old recipes!

  • Discount on One-on-One Health Coaching


    Sometimes getting individualized attention is what we need.  Receive a GIFT CERTIFICATE for Health Coaching Sessions with me!

  • TIPS to Manage Stress

    Explore ways to manage your stress.  The effects of STRESS on BLOOD SUGARS is not discussed enough!  Find out ways to get your stress levels under control so you can get your blood sugars under control.

  • Peace of Mind

    All recipes in the VIP RECIPE ACCESS site are free of sugars and refined carbs- the ingredients that spike your blood sugars.  You won’t have to worry about figuring out how to replace ingredients that will sabotage your efforts to control your blood sugars.

    You CAN  have SUCCESS in managing Gestational Diabetes!

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